Rajneesh Barapatre - www.digitalsipper.com

Hi folks! My name is Rajneesh Barapatre. I am a software developer by profession. I am amazed how technology & internet has created a positive change in the lives of people and continues to do so. It has given us more power and easy access to information.

Everyday, I learn amazing new things about tech, life, business, travel, education, finance, etc. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing my knowledge and experience with you all. I believe, passing on my learnings is the best way to give back to the world and contribute my bit alongwith many other information sources out there. I personally help people with different things and now wish to help even more. It is with this vision I have started with DigitalSipper.

My blog will help you learn new things you might not have known before and do things smarter, better & faster. Be it looking for information on internet, starting your own business, smart hacks to improve life with tech, be more productive, stay motivated, and much more.

Enough said, have a look for yourself here.